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My name is Hanalei Souza

Welcome to my corner of the internet! My name is Hanalei Souza and this is where you can find my writing and other multimedia creations, which are mostly inspired by events in my life, the jobs I work, and my experiences. The best way to really find out who I am is to read my writing, but here's a quick run-down of who I am:

  • I'm always smiling or cracking a joke. A co-worker once told me, "you know how some people have resting b**** face? You have resting laugh face."

  • I love Jesus, and I believe he is the greatest rebel of all time. He threw religion to the wind, walked humbly, and uplifted the marginalized people of his time. To talk about Him is to talk about who I aspire to be.

  • I am a wife. Not the perfect wife, but a loyal, committed, and loving one.

  • I love hearing and reading other people's stories. Every new person to me is like opening up a new book. In writing my first book (a memoir), I've realized that every single person has a book in them that is worth reading.

  • If I am passionate about something, I go for it. I put my all into what I do, whether it's cooking filet mignon, writing a book, or working as a full-time snow-shoveler.

  • I learn best by doing, often on -the-fly. I will never be too good to learn from anyone.

  • I am set apart, I will question convention whenever I can.

Now for a separate matter: what I do.

  • I currently work full-time as a restaurant cook.

  • I have a Bachelor's of Business Administration with a major in Ski Resort Management. I graduated at the age of 20 after taking the fast track.

  • I run the Instagram @ladylinecook which I hope to make a community for kitchen humor, with a focus on the niche group of female line cooks. You can find me there, on Reddit with the same handle, Facebook at Hanalei Souza Author, on Twitter @theladylinecook. 

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